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28 restaurants that are going to be open on Thanksgiving

In the United States, Thanksgiving is the day we dedicate to stuffing ourselves in the presence of friends and family   But if you'd rather go...


NYC airports roll out real-time TSA checkpoint tracking

Security wait times are now viewable on the airports’ websites The city’s major airports have rolled out real-time...


NASA Working With Tom Cruise to Film Movie in Space

NASA chief Jim Bridenstine said in a tweet that his agency working with actor Tom Cruise for a film on board the International Space...

Huge asteroid 52768 to fly by Earth the morning of April 29

Don’t panic if you look up into the early morning sky on Wednesday and see an object streaking across. It’s just asteroid 1998 OR2,...

Bluetooth apps that track coronavirus exposure show positive early results

When Singapore launched the first smartphone app of its kind last month to identify and alert people who had interacted with carriers of the...

Entertainment news

Aaron Rodgers e Danica Patrick acquistano la proprietà Malibu da $ 28 milioni

Le superstar sportive professionistiche Aaron Rodgers e Danica Patrick si sono concesse un primo regalo di Natale quest'anno, chiudendosi silenziosamente in una tenuta...

Hudson Yards Vies una destinazione per le vacanze a New York

La stagione delle vacanze a New York è una festa per gli occhi e le orecchie e tutti i sensi con luci,...

Vendesi l’attico a New York di Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence – la star vincitrice dell’Oscar per “Il lato positivo” e di numerosi premi per “The Hunger Games” e “American Hustle” –...
Oscars 2019 - Green Book - Rami Malek - Olivia Colman

Oscars 2019: ‘Green Book,’ Rami Malek and Olivia Colman Are Winners

“Green Book” won best picture, and Spike Lee won his first competitive Oscar, for best adapted screenplay. An analysis of “Green Book” and movies...

Korean Barbecue in an Elegant Space, at Hyun

A place for table-grilling Wagyu beef, a Tuscan-food choice in Midtown and other restaurant news. Headliner Hyun On the edge of Koreatown, the entrepreneur Jae Kim is...