Backstreet Boys celebrate 20th anniversary of ‘I Want It That Way’ with acoustic version

Like a fine wine, a millennial’s affection for Backstreet Boys has aged extremely well. Back in 1999, we tweens wore out our Discmans by spinning the group’s pivotal third album “Millennium” — with seminal track and karaoke mainstay “I Want It That Way” and epic fan-appreciation anthem “Larger Than Life” on repeat. Just a year later, we all laughed along as Blink-182 famously parodied the song’s iconic video in their own video for “All The Small Things,” featuring the men open-shirted and gesturing toward the camera in an airplane hangar. Then, we promptly moved on to genres with a little more suburban street cred — hip-hop, pop-punk, metal, indie and, yes, even emo.