Watch: Fall in love with Sardinia, Italy

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Sardinia in Italy is one of those beach destinations that you just must see


Just ask travelling husband and wife, Scott and Collette Stohler from Roamaroo, who could not stop raving about it on their YouTube video.

In the video, the pair shared tips on how travellers could make the most of their time on the island.

Sardinia has nearly 2,000km of coastline, sandy beaches and a mountainous interior crossed with hiking trails. Famous for its beaches, including Liscia Ruja, La Celvia and Romazzino, Sardinia has lots for travellers to see and do. The couple in the video explained a few things for travellers to do.

According to the duo, La Maddalena is a place one must visit in Sardinia. This town consists of a group of 7 islands and 55 islets. The pair described the water as “the cleanest in the world.”