Nearly half of Americans don’t know where chocolate milk comes from and 7 per cent think it comes from brown cows

Nearly half of Americans don’t know where chocolate milk comes from.

SEVEN per cent of Americans — about 16 million people — believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

Nearly half of them, 48 per cent, didn’t know where chocolate milk came from at all.

A new survey by milk industry body Innovation Center of US Dairy uncovered the startling statistics in a survey of more than 1000 American adults.

For those playing at home, chocolate milk is simply the product of cocoa and sweetener being added to regular, old white cow’s milk, but we all knew that, right? Right?

Not produced by brown cows. Picture: Matt Turner.Source:News Corp Australia

While dairy milk has become a bit of a nutritional whipping boy from the paleo fanatics in recent years, the survey showed that it remains one of the country’s most widely consumed beverages.

Just five per cent of those surveyed said they abstained from drinking cow’s milk and a further six per cent admitted to leaving the house before 6am to pick some up for breakfast.

More than a third of respondents, 37 per cent, admitted to swigging milk straight from the container, while 29 per cent admitted they use their kids as an excuse to buy chocolate milk for themselves.

Even the cows can’t believe it.Source:Supplied

An additional 95 per cent of survey respondents have some type of cheese in their fridge.

The great dairy love affair endures.

But despite nearly one-fifth of the country’s 50 states having cattle populations that outstrip the human population and agriculture being one of the country’s biggest industries, the Washington Post reported Americans remain largely ignorant of where much of their food comes from.

According to the Post, one Department of Agriculture study commissioned in the early ’90s, found that nearly one in five adults did not know that hamburgers are made from beef.

Given mocking America is so hot right now — if our Prime Minister can mock their President, then it’s a free-for-all — here are some results from other surveys that reveal some head-scratching statistics.


1. In 2002, a National Geographic survey of Americans aged between 18 and 24 found just 51 per cent could locate New York on a map. Nearly a third (29 per cent) did not know where the Pacific Ocean was.

Nearly 30 per cent of young Americans could not locate the Pacific Ocean on a map back in 2002.Source:Alamy


2. Five years after the worst terrorism event in their history, the September 11 attacks, a Washington Post survey found 30 per cent of Americans did not know what year it happened.

Five years on, 30 per cent of Americans did not know what year the 9/11 attacks occurred.Source:News Limited


3. More than a quarter believe the sun revolves around the Earth, according to a 2012 survey of 2200 Americans undertaken by the National Science Foundation.

The earth, and the other eight planets, revolve around the sun.Source:istock


4. A third don’t believe in human evolution, according to the Pew Research Centre, the vast majority of whom believe in creationism, or that “a supreme being guided the evolution of living things for the purpose of creating humans and other life in the form it exists today.”

A third don’t believe humans descended from the apes.Source:Getty Images


But it’s not all bad news. 22 per cent can name all five members of The Simpsons family

Lisa, Marge, Maggie, Homer and Bart Simpson.Source:AP